The Touch Interior Design


Furniture and furnishings alone do not provide that commanding presence in a space, but the inclusion of architectural forms and components in the interior of a building shell.

There needs to be a cohesive flow from the exterior architectural shell to the interior body of a home, honouring the architecture of the home. A symbiotic relationship created between the interior and exterior space of a home while working with the architect or architectural plan to optimize the space and aesthetics of the interior.

This is achieved with quality design, considering all details while working with beautiful materials.

The aim at TTID is to…

  • Provide services tailored to exactly the needs of its client, with an air of sophistication, architectural in form with clean lines.
  • Create designs showcasing spaces filled with layering of materials, textures and colours: all elements in harmony and serene.
  • Create spaces that exudes detail, functionality and technical innovation.


Edewor (ED) is the principal designer and director of The Touch Interior Design (TTID). A love for all things interior from a young age. She gained knowledge and experience in interiors from all her international travels while residing in different parts of the world with her wonderful spouse and three beautiful children.

With that experience, she took on an interior design work on a 550sqm high-end new residential project, with the help of a Christchurch renowned architectural firm and a reputable building firm.

She then decided to obtain qualification in interior design to back all the experience already gained.

Other projects include renovation on a Cranmer apartment unit.

Her approach to every project is to create a space where your uniqueness and individuality shines through, an environment – ‘your dream’ that exudes tranquillity, cohesiveness in form and function, in all, aesthetically pleasing.

And joy to experience each client’s satisfaction/gratification from every purposefully designed space.